Q: What is SwipeGaming.com?
SwipeGaming.com is an online store mainly focused on the digital gaming market.
We pride ourselves on an ever growing collection of games to choose from, giving you the freedom to pick and play whatever you wish at a reasonable price.

Q: How can I contact Customer Support?
You can reach us at any time, just send your question to Support@SwipeGaming.info
Please include as much information about your issue as possible.

Q: I ordered something. When will I receive it?
After your payment has been received, you should receive it within the hour.
Payment processing usually takes no more than 10-20 minutes, however payment verification through PayPal may take up to 72hrs. Customer Support may answer any questions you might have at: Support@SwipeGaming.info

Q: What payment methods are accepted?
We currently accept PayPal, credit and debit cards.
Don't see your preferred payment method listed?
Feel free to contact us at Support@SwipeGaming.info

Q: Who can see my credit card information?
SwipeGaming neither sees or stores your card information. The payment services are the only ones who can see your information which is necessary for them to process the payment. All pages where you are required to enter your personal or credit card information are secured.

Q: My key/gift is not working. What should I do?
Don't panic. Make sure you're redeeming it exactly as advised, and make sure that there are no regional restrictions listed in the product your purchased. Limitations are always highlighted in the product description.

If the key's still not working, provide us with 3 unedited screenshots showcasing the key entered before activation, the error message you receive, and your games library.

Q: I opened the gift link on the wrong account/accidentally declined the gift.

If you are unable to add the gift to your inventory and you have no choice but to decline the gift, or you declined it by mistake, the gift will not be redeemable anymore, because it will return to the merchant's inventory. It is very often caused by the issue associated with the new Valve’s policy regarding VAC-enabled games -  for more information, please go here.

To solve the issue, please contact our Customer Service via email at Support@SwipeGaming.info

Before contacting us, please do have these screenshots prepared:

  • of the error message including the gift link entered in the browser's address bar;
  • of your Steam account licenses;
  • of your Steam inventory with all gifts being visible.

Please make sure that the screenshots are unedited and that the whole screen (including your taskbar with time and date) is visible.

Q: Why did I receive a link instead of the key to the game?
If you received a link instead of a key, it means you have ordered a Steam gift. In order to redeem it, please log in to the correct Steam account in your default browser and enter the link into the address bar.

Then, please add the gift to your inventory or directly to your Steam library if you would like to play the game on the account in question.