The duke is dead. Without an heir it falls upon the council to decide who will become the new duke. Amidst the upheaval two powerful clans vie for the crown: Eisig and Horn. But they are not alone for some lesser clans have dared to declare their own bid for the throne. 

The cards are dealt and the stakes are too high for anyone to give support to another contender. Whatever decision the council makes, feudal war looms on the horizon. You alone have kept your neutrality and the fate of the war is in your hands.



  • Random events that add replayability; 
  • Smart re-spawn - improved dynamic balance of the armies; 
  • Updated look - the engine and graphics will be reworked and improved; 
  • Sandbox like gameplay – freedom of movement; 
  • Experimental quest system where some events will change according to your behavior; 
  • 6-10 hours of gameplay.