Marmoset Hexels™ is a grid-based painting tool that enables you to effortlessly create brilliant works of art. Whether you’re a pint-sized pierogi, a professional cuddler, or my imaginary friend, Hexels’ shape-shifting personality will captivate you. Hexels 2 is ready for its big debut! Check out the video features to get familiar with all of the exciting new features, or grab a copy today and experience for yourself the joy of the grid.


Shape it Up! 
Explore a world of infinite possibilities with our fine selection of polygonal-shaped grids (Classic, Pixel, Trixel + Sub-grids, Voronoi), or impress your dog by creating your very own fully-customized grids.

Trick or Trixel?
Our most powerful shape mode gives you total control with multifaceted sub-grids. Create utopian isometric worlds, complex geometric patterns, and explore abstract art styles. Subdivide your canvas to add another layer of depth and detail to your painting.

Push it, Pull it, Drag it, Drop it
Break down the barrier between idea and execution by rearranging our sharp, customizable user interface to your heart's content.

Pile it On
New in Hexels 2, layers provide the power and flexibility to keep the creative juices flowing. Fearlessly create in a non-destructive manner, make local adjustments at any time, duplicate layers to quickly add variation or test out new ideas.

Geometry in Motion
Breathing life into your artwork is easier than ever with Hexels' brand new animation system. Create the edgiest GIFs the internet will ever see with our streamlined key-frame editor.

Refine Your Palette
Say hello to your new best friend, the palette window. Auto-fill swatches as you paint, drag and drop to organize and create gradient bridges to find the perfect color.

New in Hexels 2:

  • Animation Editor!
  • Layers!
  • Layered PSD export
  • Animated GIF export
  • Fancy Palette
  • Improved Outline Tool
  • Gradient & Noise Tools
  • Super Grid

Additional Support For:

  • Drawing Tablet Input
  • Export to .SVG, .XML, .CSV
  • Wrapped (Tileable) Canvas
  • Import Background Images
  • Convert Photos to Hexels
  • Halftone Mode
  • Textures
  • Glow Effect